Hands On Learning - Spelling

Hands On Learning - Spelling


Your Action Stations Hands-On Learning Spelling Station is packed full of activities and equipment that is not only engaging and motivating but scientifically proven to work! 


Tricky Words are words that we use a lot in our writing but are hard to spell. They are tricky because you cannot write the sounds you hear to spell them correctly. They are words that we just need to remember what they look like.


These activities are loads of fun and designed with the learning brain in mind. By engaging our senses in different ways we are activating our working memory, a part of our brain where we hold new information. It is our brain's pathway to our long term memory but is also where we can sometimes lose track of what we are doing becoming overwhelmed or confused. Our goal is to work with the brain to move new information into our long term memory. 


Explore a range of opportunities to engage with a variety of writing surfaces for a tactile effect both horizontally and vertically. You will also be using different textures and pressures on writing surfaces, developing your visual-spatial awareness while engaging movement and exploring the use of colour, all of which assist us with focus and memory. Have fun with these activities knowing that each one is an opportunity to access, organise and learn new information into the long term memory.



- Vista Board Mini with a window chalk marker and a fluffy duster

- 2 large chalk

- natural bamboo tray with coloured and scented salt and feather marker.

- super soft sensory dough, handmade with natural colouring and essential oils to activate the brain. 

- 5 x balloons

- wooden alphabet in an organised tray for easy access

- coloured pipe cleaners


You also receive a visual instruction card for step by step instructions and your own tricky word list to show progress.


WARNING - our sensory dough contains wheat and may include honey or traces of nuts.