Curiosity Box  - What is special about a honey bee?

Curiosity Box - What is special about a honey bee?


Action Stations Learning offers unique resources designed and created to support wellbeing and engaged learning.


A Curiosity Box is a hands-on box of activities packed full of fun action learning. By using an inquiry, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts or math), and/or environmental education as pathways for learning, children are actively exploring ideas and concepts through their own hands-on experiences.


Designed by a qualified specialist educator to inspire the use and extension of language, literacy and/or math skills and science exploration through engaging multi-sensory activities.


This Curiosity Box focuses on the anatomy of the honey bee, how bees communicate. and fascinating facts about this amazing insect. Your child will also be exploring skills to read for information and write a report as a display card to share their discoveries with pride.


Great as a gift, holiday entertainment, or a hands-on learning project for curious minds who love to explore.


Designed for children aged 6 years plus.



The sensory dough is handmade with honey and wheat flour

Construction parts included small items which may be a choking hazard for young children.