Vista Board Mini - A see through whiteboard!

Vista Board Mini - A see through whiteboard!


Vista Boards Mini's are A5 in size making them very portable and manageable for group or mobile teaching. They are also great tools for off the grid learning, quiet time relaxation or travelling.


- A valuable tool for educators who seek to understand their learners thinking and encourage working collaboratively. 

- An essential tool for parents who wish to motivate and inspire learning at home. 


They act as a whiteboard with a marker or window chalk but are so much more versatile. 


Turn your teaching table, staff meetings or home lounge into an interactive conversation of thinking and ideas.


Using this board in unique and diverse ways you will;

- inspire bravery,

- capture student voice,

- share diverse thinking,

- engage thinking processes,

- explore language techniques or mathematical thinking...


Awesome for any time, anywhere learning;

- tracing letter formation,

- constructing words,

- practising tricky word spelling or times tables

- playing barrier or listening games,

- brainstorming ideas,

- sharing individual ideas in quiet,

- overlay text for highlighting teachable moments or for students to show their understanding.


Eco-friendly, saving paper and time. 


Uniquely designed, locally made, specialised resource proven to engage and motivate successful learning!  Made from perspex with ribbon handle, carefully wrapped with love and care for protection on the journey to you.


Wipes clean first time. 

Works with most whiteboard markers but for best results use neon window chalk markers. 


Kiwi Made in North Canterbury.