Miggy - your best friend no matter what

Miggy - your best friend no matter what


Everything you need for calmness when emotions take over. 


A few vital tools to support the understanding of emotions and nurture strategies for self -confidence and emotion regulation to grow. 


Included in calmness station is your very own;

Miggy, a handmade soft toy made from natural cotton to take your worries away at night. Named after your amygdala, the emotional part of your brain. Hide him under a pillow, in a school bag or tucked away in a pocket for safety. 

A self-regulation marker for checking in and inviting conversations about emotions. 

A poem was written for any moment of anxiety that explains what anxiety is and providing tools to begin to learn to cope. 


Anxiety affects many people for many reasons. Brain science tells us that our amygdala (pronounced a-mig-dah-lah), is the part of our brain where our emotions come from. It is the job of our amygdala to help keep us safe by recognising danger so we can react to it. Sometimes it does such a great job it can often mistake ongoing stress as fear. If your amygdala gets too upset and emotions get too strong it can stop us from learning or even remembering what we already know. More importantly, it can get in the way of sending the right message to parts of the brain that help us to make good choices. 


Learning to self regulate, to be conscious of our brains actions, and to develop the language expressing our emotions are vital life skills that we can grow and nurture from a very early age. 


These tools are a starting point.

Embrace the moment. 


Miggy has been lovingly handmade by a local creative genius right here in North Canterbury.