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What's in My Kete?

Once your child can efficiently decode words, read many high-frequency words and is beginning to read with fluency they are already making some initial steps towards comprehension of what they read.

Reading comprehension is a skill set that helps the reader to better understand the text but also opens possibilities to ignite new ideas, lateral thinking and expands learning.

When launching into reading text, a discussion to connect with ideas, experiences and knowledge will help to set the focus for comprehension. Asking questions before, during and after reading is incredibly powerful but is a skill that needs to be taught in progression.

Questioning will provide you with an insight into their ideas and thinking and how we can help them to better understand the story. More importantly, though questioning you are

empowering your child with a thinking process that will result in better engagement in learning alongside an opportunity for deeper learning to occur.

Have fun playing this game to develop a skill set to gather information that will provide evidence to make a conclusion.

What’s in my kete?

Throughout this activity, we want to encourage using open-ended questions to gather clues so they can make a reasonable inference to what is in the bag.

Encourage them to carefully consider their next question once they gain new information from their previous question.

These are example questions that will often just have one-word answers.

What is it used for?

Where do you use it?

When should we use one?

These are example questions that may need a few more words and thought to answer.

Who needs one?

How do you use it?

To make your own kete grab a household item and pop it into a bag.

The question cards are great as a prompt. You can download them here;

Question Cards
Download PDF • 2.72MB

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