• Laetitia deVries

What is Multi-Sensory Learning?

Multi sensory learning can be described as activities and equipment that put the fun back into learning. Not only engaging and motivating but scientifically proven to work! All children benefit from multi-sensory learning.

From birth, we are immersed in a multi sensory environment. When learning, we rely on our sensory system to receive information.

Our sensory system includes;

  • Sight

  • Hearing

  • Taste

  • Smell

  • Balance and Movement

  • Touch

Our senses are naturally interconnected and are direct pathways to our brain. When we engage more than one of our senses we become more effective in processing new learning and remembering it!

By engaging our senses in different ways we are activating our working memory, a part of our brain where we hold new information. It is our brain's pathway to our long term memory but is also where we can sometimes lose track of what we are doing and then become overwhelmed or confused. Our goal is to work with the brain to move new information into our long term memory.

Have fun experimenting with these activities knowing that each one is an opportunity to access, organise and learn new information into the long term memory.

Look for opportunities to apply these tools for learning;

Writing on different surface textures - tiles or bark or stones

Applying different pressures on a surface - a balloon or concrete

Including smell where ever you can especially peppermint or citrus as they activate the brain - scented play dough or shaving foam writing

Using different angles for writing on - on the floor or a window.

Running or climbing - outdoors treasure hunts for words, letters, equations or correct answers

Skipping - while reciting

Get creative with hopscotch - change numbers for sight words, times tables, basic facts.

The strategies behind multi-sensory learning are supported by decades of research including my own. For many years I have been working alongside children who find learning confusing, frustrating and an ongoing struggle.

Resources provided here at Action Stations Learning online SHOP have been created to assist all children access learning success.

Every product in our shop has been inspired by the children I work alongside who have experienced incredible results.

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