• Laetitia deVries

Understanding number knowledge pathways

Some classrooms in New Zealand primary schools use the Number Framework. It was developed to help families and educators to break down and understand the stages of learning required for larger concepts in math.

There are two sections to the Number Framework, Strategy and Knowledge with 8 stages in each to progress through.

The 'Strategy' pathway describes how we solve number problems efficiently. There are a few different strategies we introduce children to as they progress through the stages to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We aim to enable students to understand number properties and how we can pull numbers apart and put them back together again to make problem-solving quick and easier to solve.

The ‘Knowledge’ pathway describes what we need to know and have an instant recall, to allow us to solve mathematical problems quickly and efficiently. This includes times tables, basic facts, reading and writing numbers, understanding fractions, decimals, percentages.

The Number Knowledge and Strategy frameworks are linked because we need the knowledge of number to improve how we apply strategies, but we also use the strategies to develop new number knowledge.

Many of us may remember being taught algorithms to solve math problems. You may even be quite quick at it. 123 +456 The problem we have found with having this as the only strategy is that it can confuse children in their understanding of place value. However, it is still a strategy we teach once place value is understood.

If you are interested in what this number framework looks like you can view more information here

For ideas about activities, you can try at home to develop number knowledge can be viewed here

Action Stations Learning has developed a board game that provides you with clear pathways of what needs to be learned in each number knowledge pathway but also displays knowledge that has been achieved and making progress. It is a powerful way to motivate your child to move forward in their learning.

This board game is focused only on Number Knowledge pathways as this valuable knowledge supports the foundation learning for using math strategies. Gaps in these areas can slow or even prevent learning from progressing.

You can view our Number Knowledge Board Game here