• Laetitia deVries

Social Media Connections

I was taken back by the creativity, colours and details in the artwork of Northside Studios art gallery, Canada. I discovered these beauties on Instagram so I made contact and asked for permission to use this artwork for inspiration for my students creative writing, which was granted without hesitation.

The students studied this artwork named "Tucked In", The students seek out things that others may not notice. The style of clouds, smoke from the fire, the types of trees, all influenced by and connected to their own life experiences.

For writing support we also studied a sample of published writing providing a light on what success looks like. They are valuable for supporting learning of sentence structure and starters, extending vocabulary and showing expectations for language use and how to show not tell.

Short stories written by students;

I stepped out into a winter wonderland. Suddenly, the whistling wind whispered to me, making me shiver. As I looked around I noticed the big bright moon shining towards me. The only sound I could hear was the pine trees swishing. The smell of smoke wiggling its way out into the darkness makes me feel warm. It's such a magical place.


"Brrrr!" The air felt frosty and frigid on my cheeks. As I looked around I noticed the crescent moon glowing bright like a diamond. I was surprised by the puffy purple clouds waving in and out from behind the cliff. The only whiff I could smell was damp pine needles making the air smell fresh and clean. The sound of rustling trees makes me feel nervous. I will never forget the pitch-black sky.


I shared these stories with Northside Studios who were so appreciative kindly providing feedback for the students that filled them with pride that could not be achieved in very many ways.

It fills your heart to know you have impacted a students learning journey. Northside Studios did this from the other side of the world. It also provided feedback from a different audience who acknowledged their work, creativity and skills in writing that is not always noticed when you have learning challenges. Exploring connections managed through social media is extremely powerful for everyone involved.

We are eternally grateful for the support and kindness offered so openly from Northside Studios.