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Nature's Kitchen Inspires Creative Writing.

Our Action Station today was nature's kitchen. To create a multi-sensory learning experience students were invited to create a perfume using nature's garden as a pantry. This was a lot of fun and the smells were all so unique and interesting. Students did not hold back carefully selecting their chosen scents and textures to smash, crush, grind, and combine. A sprinkle of water and sampling of the smells they got to explore many other skills including measuring, estimating quantities, using a sieve, and pouring.

As the students explored this station they were invited to record the interesting things they notice as they use their senses.

🌻. How can they describe the smell of their mixtures?

🌻. What actions were they engaging?

🌻. What does it look like as you combine your ingredients?

🌻. How could you describe the colours and the changes it makes?

These were valuable in extending vocabulary knowledge, learn about language features and discover how to construct a sentence from just one word.

'All I could hear is crunching leaves. The colour of the flowers stood out like a highlighter on my page. The spicy smells remind me of smoking wood.'


Olfaction, the sense of smell, is highly associated with learning, and some studies suggest that olfactory sensory abilities even play a role in visual memory performance.

Source Oxford Academic. https://academic.oup.com/chemse/article/45/7/593/5869423

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