• Laetitia deVries

How does your child see themselves as a learner?

Having an awareness of ourselves as learners, and what we believe ourselves as capable of actually impacts every step we take in a learning journey.

The power of self belief and self confidence as capable and unique individuals is vital for great learning to occur. Having knowledge of how to learn and share ideas, together with an understanding of the learning process will influence and ignite ideas for children and adults of all ages.

Our goals that will be shared over time on this blog include;

- ways to positively share what learning involves.

- how to actively listen to the voice of a learner who shares their understandings, ideas, beliefs, perspectives then what to do with this information.

- what is the process involved for learning to happen and understanding how to learn

- ways to empower your learner in the ownership of their learning, the work it involves and the responsibility that goes with learning applying persistence, commitment, perseverance and exploration.

- to better understand your child's emotions about learning

- how to support a child with anxiety about learning

Our brain is wired to accept information from all of our senses, all of the time. What we do with that information is largely controlled by our emotions. It is vital that we learn to understand with empathy how these emotions impact a child's learning.

How we see ourselves as learners, our attitudes, our language and conversations and even our beliefs and past experiences about schooling all impacts our view of ourselves and our education system. Lets work together to navigate a pathway that creates inspired, motivated and excited learners who have a great outlook about their future and themselves as the truly awesome beings that they are.

I look forward to sharing ideas with you.

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