A few questions you may have.

What age of learner do you tutor?

Children all learn differently, at different times. This website is to support home learning and inspire learners of all age, including adults. Tutoring is designed for all primary aged children and preschoolers about to start school.  

What do I do if I need advice about my child's learning? 

We warmly invite you to ask questions, share your stories and post feedback through a message directly to me via this website. We may not have the answers but we are committed to working hard to assist you to navigate positive pathways forward for your child. 

Where can I found out about Action Stations? 

Action Stations is a programme co-created with some awesome colleagues  over a period of years. My study, action research and exploration of learning and neuroscience lead me to develop this philosophy of learning that I carry today.


Action Stations was published for teachers who work in a new entrant classroom but the concept has been implemented in classrooms to Year 6.


Action Stations is education designed to nurture children’s curiosity for learning and the language they need to become empowered, life long learners.


It is a framework that allows children to become active participants in the learning process, developing skills of;

  • language of and for learning

  • self management

  • self directing

  • self monitoring

  • engagement in experiences that invite collaboration, peer scaffolding, reflection, peer support


Developing learner dispositions of...


to be self directing, self managing, and organising themselves for learning



to be curious, innovative and use their imagination



to bounce back after frustration, stress, challenges and to problem solve creatively


Self Motivate

to engage fully in their learning, be responsible for their next steps and get stuck in

Action Stations has been designed to capture and embrace learning through....

  • engagement

  • choice

  • voice

  • empowerment

through a holistic approach


Action Stations also ....

  • recognises and acknowledges individual uniqueness, identity, strengths, talents and goals

  • develops skills and confidence to value difference, challenge, accept and negotiate ideas

  • encourages successful collaboration in working towards a common goal

  • creates a community of self directed, self motivated, self monitoring learners

  • empowers life long learners


Action Stations Book takes educators through all phases of implementing the programme, from planning to assessment, and includes resources to help you along the way. Action Stations - investigations that build a community of learners 

Can you help me with my child's learning 1 - 1?

I would be honoured to assist you with your child's learning. Please visit our page on private tutoring. This is only available in North Canterbury at the moment. You can make contact through this website for more information and to view affordable pricing plans. 

How long before I get my order delivered?

Action Stations Learning ships throughout New Zealand.

Shipping is a flat rate of $9 nationwide for tracked standard parcel postage. We offer free shipping for orders over $50.  Covid Level lockdowns may disrupt delivery times. 


Packages are sent using New Zealand standard parcel post tracked or Courier Service. 

Action Stations Learning reserves the right to change these shipping rates at any time, for any reason.


We endeavour to process and ship your orders as fast as possible. Please bear in mind that we are a small business operating from home, and will be working hard to get your order to you safely within 5 working days.

What payment options do you offer? 

Action Stations Learning currently offers the following payment options:

  • Credit Card via Stripe payment gateway

  • Online banking transfer directly to our bank account - please make contact for these details. 

  • If you are ordering for your school and require an invoice to be sent please make contact before you order online. 

All prices include GST.

Can you help my dyslexic child?

Action Stations Learning was developed and researched so every child can access learning through their natural abilities. This includes learners with knowledge gaps, processing and learning challenges as well as children learning about their emotions. It is important to address learning challenges before gaps become too overwhelming causing self-esteem and confidence to affect your child's wellbeing. 

Over the years we have developed some amazing learning tools and packs to support learning challenges, making learning fun, accessible and achievable. Pop over to our shop to view or purchase these. 

What is your returns policy? 

Action Stations Learning is dedicated to providing you with the best quality educational resources. Every product has been carefully designed and put together then lovingly packed just for you. In the rare case you receive a defective product, we are happy to replace the product.

  • When receiving your product, please do check thoroughly against your invoice to ensure you have received the correct items.

  • If the item is damaged or is incorrect, please notify us at support@actionstationslearning.com within 3 days of receiving the order. You do not need to send us back the original item. Simply provide us with a photo and a brief description of the product.

  • Upon email receipt and case validation, subject to availability, we will send you the replacement product as soon as possible.