Welcome to Action Stations Learning

Hi there!   

My name is Laetitia, more easily pronounced as La Teacha and I am so pleased we have found each

other today. 

Action Stations Learning has been designed and created to improve learning outcomes for every child

and help educators to better understand how your child learns, ways to work with the emotions

that are attached to learning,and to provide your child with unique tools and strategies scientifically proven to accelerate success, inspired and developed from my years of work alongside children who struggle to learn with pencil and paper. 


My story comes from a journey of action research, university study, experience and discovery throughout my years as a Mum, a Primary School Teacher, Team Leader and Assistant Principal, as well as a National Facilitator, Mentor, and Education Consultant. Navigating this complex career pathway for over twenty years, a new programme emerged that is now implemented in many schools around New Zealand and Australia and has been published around the world. A programme that values individuals, their wellbeing and self-esteem. Focusing on how the brain learns, the language of learning and building self-confidence to empower an investigating life long learner. It is called Action Stations.

Through collaboration with children, parents and educators we explored the value of engagement levels, positive attitudes and how this impacts success.  This became the basis of my postgrad study and masters paper and how I interacted with learners and presented learning in the classroom. Action Stations Learning does not focus on learning solely with devices, worksheets, or arguments, just choice, conversations, and active learning and exploration. 


I am passionately driven to make a difference for children who struggle with learning. I have had personal experience with this and family and friends. It is frustrating and upsetting when you see a child become less involved in their own learning and falling further behind with depleting self-esteem. 


My journey continues as I aspire to provide you with innovative thinking around ways to;

  • make learning fun, inspiring and motivational

  • stimulate further investigation and learning

  • ensure new knowledge is owned by the learner to create a better understanding, intrinsic feeling of success, building self-esteem and confidence. 


My goals are personal and my commitment is unwavering

  • to stand alongside every child who struggles with learning until they are confident and empowered to continue their journey without me. 

  • to recognise the diverse ways in which we learn by creatively modifying lessons to become brain-friendly, multi-sensory, action-based, specific, fun and purposeful. 


I work best collaboratively so I extend a warm invitation for you to ask your questions here today. The more questions you ask the more you will see here to specifically meet your needs. 


It would be a privilege to work alongside you to help your child. 

Join me on a journey together.