Making learning experiences memorable

Personalised coaching in reading, writing, spelling, numeracy and/or maths for North Canterbury children aged 4-14.

Unique resources designed and created to support wellbeing and engaged learning.   
No worksheets, workbooks or computer programmes -
just hands-on, action-packed, learning experiences
indoors and outside!
Values that guide Actions Stations Learning 
Image by Ashton Bingham


Providing structured choices in what we learn and how we learn engages decision making, responsibility and accountability for our success. We are then empowered to own the learning process and feel proud. 

Hands On

Activating brain pathways through multi-sensory exploration supports learning and memory. It also puts the fun back into learning. 

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Sharing our ideas, challenges, thinking processes through specific questions engage you as a contributor who is listened to and valued.

Image by Ben White

Structured and Sequenced

Carefully designed visual planners support clear pathways for navigating essential knowledge building and understanding.  


Laetitia provides a fun and interactive tutoring service where my son feels like he is simply going for a play date! Laetitia is an exceptionally enthusiastic tutor and her passion shines through in the work that she does. I never expected my son to show improvements as quickly as he has and it is all down to the supportive environment and super person Laetitia is! We can't thank you enough. Our son has gone from a child who put himself down daily to a child who now has a beaming smile and eagerness to learn! The improvement is heartwarming and I know anyone who takes the leap won't be looking back but ever so pleased they made the decision to invest in their child's learning that has lifelong benefits. I feel so blessed to have Laetitia in our community, making a true difference for children who need a little helping hand to unlock their true potential. 


When we started at Action Stations Learning I was surprised about how quickly my son made progress and how fun it actually was for the child.  Only after a few weeks, I noticed improved self-confidence, he is more engaged and eager to learn and is showing huge progress.


Erin P