Action Stations Learning offers an evidence-based approach to learning literacy and numeracy that works with the brain through movement, choice and focusing on connections.

Proven to get results!

Designed for children aged 4 -14 years old.

Private Tutoring 

A personalised programme with a qualified and trained educator.


Unique resources designed and created to support wellbeing and engaged learning.

A record of your child’s learning journey in a take-home book, co-constructed alongside your child with samples of learning, learning goals and tutor feedback after each lesson. A digital portfolio is available for students aged 5 and under.

We are a mobile service and can come to you! 


Come visit our learning pod in Loburn. 

Tutoring with a Buddy

A personalised programme with a qualified and trained educator.


Intensive teaching that targets learning goals in pairs. Bring a friend or a sibling for collaborative learning. Awesome for sparking new thinking and ideas while negotiating outcomes and sharing perspectives.

Choose Action Stations Learning...

- to help your child see how capable they are.

- to begin a positive pathway forward for learning success.

- to empower your child with learning tools that work for them.

- to access the success you are seeking.

to become a lifelong learner so dreams, goals and aspirations can become a reality.


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Action Station Learning is an amazing place to learn. Not only has my sons knowledge of basic maths facts gone through the roof but his confidence general has improved. He loves going to the pod every week and has a big smile throughout.  Action Station Learning quickly recognised the best ways of learning for my son and the results were instant.

I can highly recommend Action Station Learning.

Victoria P